Filip Bethsaida rips the Angel Lopez’s pants to get at his tight smooth boy hole

Staxus says: For Filip Bethsaida, resistance is useless, especially when confronted with the divine temptation of Angel Lopez. Of course, that’s an extremely understandable predicament given just how fucking gorgeous the young Spaniard is; and it will come as no surprise to anyone that the older priest now finally gives in to all his temptations so that he can enjoy the youngster to the full.

What’s more, what he discovers under Lopez’s priestly garments doesn’t come as a disappointment. The lad really is as stunning as he ever was; and Bethsaida immediately takes full advantage by grabbing hold of the boy’s handsome shaft and slurping on it as if it were the elixir of life itself.

Having spent so long in denial, however, it’s perhaps not too surprising that the fellow’s objective quickly switches to Lopez’s hairless little butt-hole, examining and fingering the beautiful pucker with such intensity that he rips the boy’s pants to get at the hole.

No damn doubt about it, Bethsaida really has got to have that ass for himself; and nothing, not even the fear of eternal damnation, is gonna stand in his way. Nor, for that matter, is Lopez about to turn down the experience of a slightly older cock, parting his legs with characteristic ease and taking every inch like a pro.

What ensues is a truly brutal display of older-on-younger fornication, with Lopez proving that when it comes to being a slut for dick then there really is no other competition, not least of all when he bounces up and down on Bethsaida’s lap like a wanton whore.

All of which results in both guys spewing like geysers in a sticky finale.


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